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Strategic Advisory Services

Strategic Advisory services

Guiding you with over 20 years expert advice

How can you define a reputation?

Online reputation is an intangible concept to define. Yet search engines decide on your behalf what should be included on page one. Those search results present a brief but lasting impression of you or your company, however out-dated or subjective.

Users are hungry for content, conducting over 3.5 billion searches daily, and 1.2 trillion searches worldwide in Google alone. The web is voracious: search engines must work hard to categorise and serve their users with the most relevant content. Relevant does not mean new: depending on ranking criteria, historic content can linger on page one for years, constantly fuelling misperceptions about you or your business.

Securing your profile online

The old PR strategy of keeping a dignified silence in the face of intrusive press coverage no longer applies because online content has a nasty habit of sticking around.

Online Reputation Management is a relatively new practice. Most ORM agencies offer crisis management to help businesses and individuals repair their online identity long after the damage has occurred. The trouble is, this kind of digital rehabilitation is both costly and time consuming. Obscura are different. We’re great believers in fixing the roof while the sun is shining.

How can Obscura help?

With over twenty years experience of working in all aspects of the digital space, Obscura delivers expert advice in a language you understand. We keep it simple. The rest is snake oil.

We assess your digital profile from a statistical and technical perspective.
We devise positive content associated with your profile designed to impact the way your brand is perceived by search engines
We apply our strategy with your overall PR objectives in mind.

Obscura prides itself on offering our clients a nimble, flexible approach to ORM. Consultancy starts at one full day session, plus expenses. We’ll leave you with a comprehensive understanding of your digital profile, the challenges you face, and a road map of where you could go next.

Obscura is hugely experienced in both project management and providing on-going consultancy to in-house teams or third party agencies, keeping them aligned with your ORM strategy.

Take control of your online profile

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