Social Media and Reputation Management Training

Social Media and Reputation Management Training

SM and RM Training

Empowering you and your family

Reputation management sessions

By owning the majority of content on page one of Google (often by specifically creating that content) you lay the foundations for protection and preservation of your own digital profile. We provide bespoke training to educate you and your family on the best practices of search engines as well as provide tailored strategic advice to how to lay foundations for a strong digital profile that could act as a countermeasure to any negative content.

Training in social media use

The dangers of social media have become more obvious over recent months. The scandal involving Cambridge Analytica’s relationship with Facebook is well publicised. It illustrates the need to know the benefits and pitfalls of each social platform. In addition, there are legacy issues to consider when a family name has a public profile.

Obscura ORM offers tailored social media training sessions and offers expert advice on social media use for individuals and their families. Social media is an essential tool for maintaining a positive online profile and we help you to act safely and with consideration online, protecting your reputation and that of your family for years to come.

Digital Asset Aquisition

The first step in protecting your online reputation lies in securing major digital assets in your name. Even if you prefer to maintain a discreet presence online, securing your digital assets will help to protect you and your family brand.

We advise on the acquisition of appropriate digital assets to best leverage your online profile. This acquisition typically forms part of a set of strategic aims for your online profile.

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