About Obscura ORM

About Obscura ORM

Why choose Obscura ORM?

Online reputation management (ORM) is a relatively new practice and selecting the right agency can be frustrating. Reputation management advisory firms require a unique skill set that encompasses creativity, strategic awareness and a deep technical understanding of SEO. As a result, there are only a few companies that offer this service.

Obscura is different. We pride ourselves on building trust by maintaining a transparent, two-way working relationship between client and consultant. Our company ethos is to empower the client to make the right decisions by taking the mystery out of what we do.

The technical aspects of ORM can feel a bit like smoke and mirrors. We explain all the technical jargon in a clear, relatable way. Our down-to-earth attitude towards ORM makes it easy to understand, thereby giving you an honest picture of the challenges you face. Our approach also provides you with the confidence to communicate those issues to your client or partners within your company more effectively, saving you time and money.

As a boutique reputation management advisory, we don’t tie you in to unnecessary long-term contracts up front. Instead, we offer rolling, short-term contracts. It gives you or the client the opportunity to measure the material results of what we do and then – and only then, reward our hard work with a pre-agreed success fee.

Whilst we are highly experienced in crisis management, the lion’s share of our work lies in proactive ORM. We are specialists in creating and promoting positive online identities for both individuals and businesses. The first rule of good ORM management is to own as many of the links that appear on page one of Google: doing so helps to prevent negative content from gaining traction in the first place. Obscura ORM makes sure that our clients protect their reputation through positive content association. Prevention, as they say, is better than cure.

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