Plan of action

Plan of action

Plan of Action

Tailor made online profile strategy

What is your reputation worth?

Even if only 1% of online searches conducted (less than the average website conversion rate) were by those with a financial motive, the potential loss arising from a negative online profile become a very real prospect. Most people now will perform a search on a person either to inform them or prior to direct engagement with an individual or company.

We understand that online reputation can have significant financial implications for both you, your family as well as any associated business concerns. Once we have conducted an assessment of your online profile, we can begin the process of determining the most effective way of manipulating digital assets for your benefit. We strive to mitigate any financial impact that online damage can cause.

Bespoke ORM strategies

Our profile management strategies are naturally bespoke. One of the key aspects of personal profile management online is around controlling the search engine results for your name and associated phrases. We work to influence search engines at a foundation level, taking emphasis away from negative associations and building more positive links.

By securing your profile online you can prevent bad publicity from gaining traction by owning as many of the spots on Google page 1 as you can. This helps to strengthen your online position and preserve your profile and related associations. These are the first steps in a plan of action that should look to preserve your name for generations to come.

How can Obscura help?

Obscura ORM acts as a trusted advisor to your family online. We have extensive experience successfully planning and executing comprehensive digital strategies for clients around the world. Our strategic and consultative services offer flexible reputation management solutions with trusted advice and planning to help develop your digital profile online. We offer honest practical advice and a clear idea of what is possible online from the outset.

Our plan of action typically includes social media advice and use, digital and media strategy as well as crisis management plans. These are designed to give you a well rounded online profile that resonates with you and provides protection against digital vulnerability. We often collaborate with our strategic partners, committed to providing our clients with exceptional services.

We understand that the digital world can be overwhelming. Our goal is to keep you informed. You can then decide on the right solution for you, your family, your business, and ultimately, your bottom line.

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