Online Audit

Using analysis to help protect your digital profile

ORM Audit

The aim of an ORM Audit is to identify what is currently being expressed about your brand online. We include the good, bad and indifferent to determine your profile’s digital reach. Information beats guesswork. Once we’ve harvested the data, Osbcura can then measure the impact that your current online profile status is having on your bottom line.

Whether you are thinking ahead to improve and preserve your online profile, or find yourself in the throes of a digital crisis, this research is essential. Our ORM audit provides the right foundations for a successful and time efficient SERP management strategy.

SERP Management Strategy

Harvesting data is only one step on the journey. The team at Obscura prides itself on being able to interpret that data for you in a language that best suits you or your business sector. By better understanding what content is already ranking about you, we can quickly identify and minimise potential vulnerabilities to your online profile. Not only that, we will develop a SERP (search engine results pages) management strategy based upon a detailed knowledge about the most influential ranking criteria for your market sector.

Website and Social Media Analysis

Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving to incorporate sophisticated A.I. and emotional reasoning. Over time, your website’s original inbuilt SEO strategy will fall behind in its effectiveness to attract and maintain site traffic. With that in mind, we recommend routinely popping the hood of your company’s website to allow us to carry out a comprehensive inspection of its SEO capabilities. Ensuring that both the overall website structure and individual pages are finely tuned to meet the fresh demands of search engines’ ranking criteria takes some of the heavy work out of maintaining a positive online profile.

In addition, we recommend a review of your social media profile and identify areas for improvement.

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