ORM audit

ORM audit

ORM Audit

Enable positive online profile management

Why should I conduct an ORM audit?

With a click of a button, social media and online content act as a global propellant. High net worth individuals are now acutely aware of the threats posed to both their personal brand, families and businesses online. If page one of Google features only negative content about you, it stands to reason that end-users will have a negative perception of your personal brand. As potential investors or business partners routinely turn to online searches to screen individuals, this is likely to have a severe financial impact.

Can I have a discreet profile online?

If you have little or no online profile, you risk exposing your digital profile to vulnerabilities. There has been an upward trend in digit asset acquisition by hostile parties. If you subsequently find your profile victim to negative content online posted by a third party, you may find that you have limited routes to counter to this content.

It is important to audit your online profile even if there is limited information about you or you are relatively happy with the information (or lack of) appearing about you. By identifying potential areas of vulnerability, we can create a custom ORM strategy for you and your family. This does not have to mean that you need to heighten what is said about you, Obscura is experienced at determining discreet online profile management strategies with your best interests at heart.

How the audit works

By creating an inventory of current digital assets, you can see where any areas of digital weakness may potentially lie. We search the web to determine which websites you are currently appearing on and begin to monitor you on social media so that we can view all mentions of your name. By ascertaining where you appear online we are able to view the ranking power of any well ranking websites that feature content about you. This informs all strategic planning as once we know why content is ranking well, we can determine how to counter this effectively.

If we are starting to create a new digital profile, the ORM audit provides a snapshot of how a search engine is ranking content for your name. It also identifies any potential threats to your profile as well as provides opportunities that inform any online profile management strategy. Although we have custom tools for auditing your profile, we also manually assess the content we find. We believe that a good dose of common sense is also essential for strategic planning of your reputation.

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