5 reasons why our CEO Audit will benefit your company

Global online reputation management

Understanding your online profile is essential to your company. Why?

1. Search engine perception defines your online profile. We help you to align with company values.

CEO online profile audit

A reputation management advisory audit helps you to become familiar with how you are perceived online. The reputation of a CEO is intrinsically linked to their company. Our digital SWOT analysis enables you to determine the type of content that appears for your name within Google. Every client is ranked uniquely for terms that Google feels are relevant and we can help to uncover those terms and criteria. This helps you to understand how search engines are ranking your digital profile. Once we know what content Google is ranking, then we can begin to exert an influence. This helps to establish a digital profile aligning your reputation with your company’s values.

2. Identify breaches of privacy on the deep, dark and surface web.

Cyber secuity audit

Audits look for any breaches of your privacy. These breaches can occur on the deep, the dark and surface web. These breaches can be used nefariously by bad actors. This can not only compromise your privacy. That of your staff and company is also at risk.

3. Enhance understanding of different markets and how you are perceived around the world.

Global online reputation management

Influence global perception for your name and establish balance in your reputation across global search engine results pages (SERPs). SERPs are personalised due to your location, meaning results for the same searches can differ depending on location. Audits help to inform the strategic analysis that becomes an integral part of your online reputation planning. Our Audit identifies how you are perceived in different markets around the world. This can support your company’s sales and marketing strategy.

4. Head off a crisis BEFORE it occurs.

Online vulnerability assessment

Know of a potential upcoming crisis or concerned that a piece of old digital content may re-surface? Start to strengthen your name on platforms by discovering and mitigating any areas of vulnerability. Advance knowledge of any potentially damaging content or online links with your profile is valuable. Google takes an average of 3 months to fully index content so early action is necessary to avoid online damage that is more stubborn to alter. This knowledge strategically re-positions your profile, heading off danger before it occurs.

5. Develop digital strategies with long term impact.

Long term online reputation management

Gain an understanding of ways to hold and consolidate ranking positions on Google page one. There is little point in creating an online profile that has no longevity. Obscura reputation management advisory audits are accompanied by strategic analysis to help increase your profile to create a lasting impression across the SERPs. Our audits are designed to shed light rather than leave you in the dark. Clients are empowered to make the right choices online.

We understand that online reputation management can be complex to understand. We help you navigate the web with ease and understanding.

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