5 reasons why our online profile audit will benefit your clients in 2019

5 reasons why our online profile audit will benefit your clients in 2019

1. A reputation management advisory audit helps you to become familiar with how your client is perceived online. It enables you to determine the type of content that is appearing for your client’s name. This helps you to understand how search engines are ranking your client. Every client is ranked uniquely for terms that Google feels are relevant, we can help to uncover those terms and criteria. Once we understand what Google is ranking, we can help add influence.

2. It is essential to establish if there are any vulnerabilities in your client’s digital profile. Audits look for any breaches of your client’s privacy on the deep, the dark and surface web. These breaches can be used nefariously to compromise your client’s privacy. We typically discover breaches that are on the open web – hidden in plain sight

3. Help to influence the global perception of your client – establish balance across global search engine results pages (SERPs). SERPs are personalised due to your location, meaning results for the same searches can differ depending on location. Audits help to inform the strategic analysis that becomes an integral part of your client’s online reputation planning.

4. Learn how to influence the content you would like your client to be found for. Is your client is in the middle of a crisis or looking to strengthen their online position? Audits provide all concepts relating to your client – these associations provide you with key information and illustrate what current searchers are looking for as well as how search engines view your profile online. Start to strengthen platforms by understanding how search engines favour presentation of content and begin to address this balance in your client’s favour.

5. Gain an understanding of ways to hold and consolidate ranking positions on Google page one. There is little point creating an online profile that has no longevity. Obscura reputation management advisory audits are accompanied by strategic analysis to help increase your client to create a lasting impression across the SERPs. Our audits are designed to shed light rather than leave you in the dark. Clients are empowered to make the right choices online for them.

We understand that online reputation management can be complex to understand.

Establishing trust with our clients is key to our approach.

Obscura ORM works with people enabled by technology.

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